April 14, 2011

Follow-up on my Rare Cheesecake with Okara/おから入りチーズケーキのその後

My two children had some of the cheesecake, and neither asked for another helping. My wife remarked, "It's too sweet, and it's like melted ice cream." Then, I hit upon a good idea! Freezing!

Incredibly tasty! Frozen cheesecake!


Sissi said...

Excellent idea! Probably it works only with high fat content cream cheese... I always use low fat quark cheese to make my cheesecakes, so probably the ice cream wouldn't be as creamy as yours.
By the way, I have planted last week mitsuba. I have never tasted it fresh nor seen it in my life (I was very happy and surprised to find Japanese plant seeds in a Swiss seeds shop and just bought two bags). I saw in your older posts that you have experience in gardening too. Do you have any advice for growing it? Unfortunately I haven't got a real garden, but two small balconies, where I plant herbs in big pots every year (some, like Chinese and European chives, survived even the winter and seem much stronger this Spring). Thank you in advance!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I'm no expert on gardening. Just some general information:
Mitsuba prefers neutral to mildly acidic soil. The seed is light-favoured, so don't cover with too much soil. The germination temperature is 15-20C. Mitsuba likes half shade and moisture. When it grows 15 cm in height, start havervesting the leaves.

Anyway, good luck! Don't forget to post about your experiences in growing mitsuba in your blog!

Sissi said...

Thank you very much, Hiroyuki, for this quick and complete answer. Since mitsuba likes shade, I will probably have to create a kind of "wall" around it: my balcony is on the western side and gets very hot and sunny in the afternoon.
If I manage to grow it, I shall probably ask you for advice in cooking/serving it. Last year I had a very bad experience with green shiso... It simply didn't germinate. I hope it'll work this year. Japanese herbs are not easy to find fresh here! Thank you again for your help!