April 1, 2012

Onsen Tamago/温泉卵

I finally got around to making onsen tamago this evening.

There are several easy methods to make onsen tamago, but they are less reliable than the straightforward one: Keep eggs in water at 65-68C for 30 minutes. For my first attempt, I used the straightforward method.

I took four eggs out of the fridge, and used them immediately.
When the temperature reached 68C, I turned off the heat. Later, I had to turn on the heat for about 10-20 seconds every five minutes or so to keep the water in the 65-68C range.
30 minutes later.
I immediately cooled them under running water.

I broke one egg. It looked almost perfect!
The white was still runny, while the yolk was harder than the white.
Almost perfect, but I think I should have kept the eggs on the counter for an hour or so to reach room temperature.

I had my onsen tamego with premade mentsuyu (noodle soup). I'm not a big fan of runny eggs, but I liked this particular onsen tamago.


A description of onsen tamago can be found here.


Sissi said...

Fascinating! I am also not a fan of runny eggs, I mean runny white...

Ruminating Roy said...

I too am not a fan of runny whites on my eggs, but I'm still interested in giving this a shot! I'll have to find some especially clean, fresh eggs for it, though - we're not known for having "raw usable" eggs here in central Texas.

Fräulein Trude said...

Quite troublesome to watch over the water temperature every 5 minutes, but the result is perfect. I would like to cook an onsen egg at an onsen, must be fun. And afterwards soaking in the hot spring must be heavenly too, maybe not at 68 C.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Yes, it's fascinating, and it's also exotic!

Ruminating Roy: Sorry to hear that. In Japan, all store-bought eggs are safe to eat raw.

Kiki: I will come up with a better, easier method the next time I make them.

Yes, bathing in an onsen is heavenly, and having a gorgeous dinner is heavenly, too!

Anonymous said...

Oishisou...I would like to try Onsen Tamago. I think it will be really tasty with rice. Hiroyuki-san, did you hear about the fake eggs that are sold in China? The egg shell, egg white and egg yolk are all made from industrial chemicals. And the fake eggs can be fried, boiled or steamed! I heard the chemicals are really harmful to the body.

Hiroyuki said...

Anonymous: For my second attempt, I think I'll make them in a much simpler way, using a styrofoam box.

Yes, yes, several years ago.
(Sorry, Japanese only)

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