May 28, 2012

Four Slices Bread/4枚切りのパン

This may sound very strange to those in Kansai (Western Japan), but I bought four slices bread (right) for the very first time in my life yesterday.
In Kanto (Eastern Japan), eight and six slices bread is popular, and four slices bread is very rare.  A quick google search tells me that in Kansai, five and four slices bread is popular, and there is even three slices bread.
Now I sometimes see four slices bread sold here in Niigata.  Is this a new marketing strategy of Yamazaki, the largest bread maker in Japan???

For slices this thick (3 cm), toasting is the only way to go.
こんなに(3 cm)厚いパンなら、トーストするに限ります。

I then spread margarine on it and had it.  It was good, and I ended up having another!


Sissi said...

Very interesting! The very thick slices look incredible. What do you do once they are toasted? I have never seen anything like this. Here this bread type slices are much much thinner. Do many Japanese eat French-style crunchy crust bread? (It's the majority of what we eat here, but the packed bread like yours is sometimes very practical).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Just as I said in the post, I spread margarine and had it. I also had a cup of coffee and leftover omelet. Believe it or not, Kansai people are capable of making sandwiches with four slices bread!

Yes, many Japanese like French bread, including me! The sad thing is that it's rather expensive, so it's more like petit zeitaku (luxury) for me.

Crunchy French bread, cheese, and wine... Mouth-watering!

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake said...

I must say, I really really like Japanese bread. I've never even seen cube shaped bread in Australia, let alone only 4 pieces! Japanese bread is so creamy it's totally delicious. :D

Sissi said...

I didn't know it was expensive (I only thought it might be difficult to get). Here in Switzerland French-style crunchy bread is not really good, so I go to France to my favourite baker (I sometimes only go for two baguettes). It sounds like an exploit, but I live not far from the border.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Sorry, not so expensive as you might think. Around 200 yen or more per baguette, I suppose. I'll show you when I buy one in my blog.

Hiroyuki said...

Jenny: Thank you for your comment. I have just visited your blog. It's a beautiful blog!

Creamy? Yes, I guess you are right. But, we describe the texture in a different way: Mochi-mochi (ie., mochi-like texture)

Ruminating Roy said...

Here in the US, bread the size of the four slices style is called "Texas Toast" regardless of whether or not it has been toasted. It's fairly popular for making bread pudding, open-faced sandwiches, or exactly as you've used it, Hiroyuki.

I have a feeling that what you bought was of better quality than the gigantic twenty-some slices loaf of it I could buy at the local grocery store, though.

muskratbyte said...

I live alone, and would actually prefer to buy a package of 4-5 slices of bread! I never can eat an entire loaf by myself, because I don't eat that much bread.

Hiroyuki said...

Ruminating Roy: Thanks for enlightening me!

I think Royal Bread of Yamazaki is slightly better than other "shoku pan" (pain de mie) of the manufacturer (uses better quality wheat flour).

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: My wife is the only one in my family who regularly consumes bread; she has some bread for lunch. We often store bread in the freezer (and sometimes in the partial freezing compartment) before the best-before date.

muskratbyte said...

Can you also find 'health breads'? For example: These are around 4 dollars a loaf, and are made with sprouted grains. I've started buying these, but I have to keep them in the refrigerator or they go bad very fast. They keep about a month in the fridge.

Pouncy said...

I like 4 or 3 slice bread to make French toast with!

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: Of course, there are certain breads that are considered/claimed to be healthy, like sprouted brown rice bread, but I haven't seen the ones you linked to.

Pouncy: My wife and I make French toast with 8 slices bread!

The four slices are gone now, and I don't think I will buy another pack.