September 22, 2012

A Trip to Sanjo City, Part 5/三条への旅、パート5

I thought that looking at all the exhibits carefully would take the whole afternoon, so I decided to enter the shop.
I immediately realized that this was an real paradise for chefs!
One of the most expensive aluminum frying pans:
Iwasaki Shigeyoshi:
Iizuka Tokifusa:
Edited to add on Oct. 3:
NOTE:  Iizuka-san's real name is spelled 飯塚房.  I've been told that 飯塚房 is more like a "pen name".
注: 飯塚さんの本名は「飯塚房」です。「飯塚房」は「ペンネーム」のようなものだそうです。
Blacksmith who makes Shigefusa knives.

You can buy any of his knives here,
if you have the money.
Other knives:
I wish I could post all the photos I took of the shop.
Universal Design Section:
Edited to add on Sep. 24:
The information below is incorrect.  I have just learned from Messepia that Iizuka-san won't come to this event on October 14 but that only one of them (for example, Hosokawa-san on Oct. 14) will come to sharpen your knives.  I have also learned that Iizuka-san will come to this event in December or January next year.

On October 14, blacksmiths including Iizuka-san (Shigefusa knife maker) will sharpen your knives for 500 yen per knife.
It also says that this service is offered on the second Sunday, but the day is subject to change on months in which events are held.

I decided to go back to the Sanjo Kaji Dojo to attend the wakugi making course, instead of visiting the SUWADA factory.

To be continued.


okasan said...
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okasan said...

Thank you for the very interesting posting. I can totally see myself hanging around the shop for hours.

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: I'm not rich, either, but just browsing all sorts of kitchen tools will make you very satisfied!

okasan said...

I know the EXACT feeling. Recently a Japanese knife shop in town here invited a knife maker from Japan to do a knife making demonstration. Of course it was only for a little segment of the process. I only have one hand made Japanese knife and a Shun. I still prefer the hand made one and I love using it. One day I would like to pick up another one from Japan.

Yangsze said...

Wow, this is so amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Just like you, I very much prefer traditional Japanese knives. My love for the contemporary, sophisticated Japanese knife (I mean, Global santoku) was short-lived. I don't care for it any more. Once you appreciate the joy of sharpening your knives, there is no returning to contemporary stainless steel knives plus a sharpener.

YSC: I had just assumed that Messepia (better known by the locals as Jibasan Center) was just another tourist attraction. I was wrong. I learned from some local people that Messepia is where even local people buy kitchen knives and other tools.