November 3, 2012

Mentaiko Spaghetti/明太子スパゲティー

Months ago, okasan requested that I post a recipe for mentaiko spaghetti, but I really didn't know what to do because my recipe for it had been so simplified that it was not worth mentioning (boiled spaghetti with mentaiko only).
Today, I watched the Episode 2 of Hana no Zubora Gohan, in which the main character made "mentaiko tofu don".  I got inspiration from this donburi dish, so I made this for lunch today.

Boiled spaghetti (mixed with margarine to prevent it them from sticking together)
Cubes of tofu

I refrained from pouring soy sauce or mentsuyu because the mentaiko was salty enough.

I think I'd prefer my simple version (spaghetti plus mentaiko) and have other ingredients as side dishes.


Sissi said...

I have fallen in love with mentaiko in Tokyo (I only had it in onigiri, but it was soo good!). Your pasta looks delicious, I only wish I could find mentaiko here...
The series is one more I should check.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: You fell in love with just a lot of things while in Japan! You must be very "amoureuse" (laugh)!

Even if you can't find mentaiko itself where you live, maybe you can find some products containing mentaiko, such as mentaiko pasta sauces and mentaiko furikake.

Fräulein Trude said...

I have never seen japanese Mentaiko in our asia food stores. But maybe greek or turkish salted cod fish roe is a good substitute. They use it for taramas, a spread based on roe mixed with mashed potatoe or soaked bread and lemon juice. Yesterday night I visited a greek restaurant and had some with olives and bread as appetizer.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: I have to thank you for introducing that TV drama to me, although it's not something I'd watch with enthusiasm (laugh).

I didn't know about taramosalata, and I did some googling and found that in Japan, it is often mistakenly regarded as tarako (cod roe) + potato. I have no idea what authentic taramosalata tastes like!

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, I have fallen in love with lots of things in Japan (not only food but I must say mainly food of course).
I was even wondering if I could prepare my own mentaiko (or something similar) combining the salted fish roe (it's available in many shops here) with something hot.... My Japanese friend told me the mentaiko production is much more complex than that ;-)

Sissi said...

Kiki, my favourite fish roe spread comes from IKEA ;-) (I have tasted other brands and sources but it was always very bland in comparison).

Fräulein Trude said...

TV-Drama: I am also not quite sure wether to watch or not. In fact, I don't like the female lead that much (more brain less kawaii please). Maybe it is a funny comedy from a japanese point of view.

Sissi: Ikea spreads, I also like to eat them very much and best of all, I can have them all alone (nobody else aka husband likes them...)

Sissi said...

Kiki, I'm also the only roe spread fan at home. You know I remember I loved it already as a child: one of my favourite snacks was an open sandwich: butter+fish roe spread. There was no IKEA at the time but the Swedish brand which tastes almost the same was available everywhere...
PS I loved the "more brain and less kawaii" expression :-)

okasan said...

I somehow missed this post from way back. While revisiting some of your old post I discovered this! ごめんなさい
I bought a package of frozen mentaiko and it is still sitting in the freezer. As it is very expensive (around 2200yen)so I have to plan carefully so not to mess it up. I will try this recipe tonight.ありがとう!

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: You don't necessarily have to try this recipe just because I wrote about it! Just as I suggested in the post, you may want to just place some expensive mentaiko on the top of your spaghetti. I'm sure it will taste great that way.