July 6, 2013

Tororo Soba/とろろそば

I was going to make negitoro don for supper tonight. Yesterday, I bought some naga imo as an ingredient for negitoro. I had a feeling, however, that my son wanted to have soba or other type of cold noodle instead because it was going to be very hot and humid today. So, I asked him before he left for school which he would like to have, tororo soba or negitoro for supper tonight. He said he wanted to have tororo soba.
I peeled about one-third of the naga imo before grating.
My son was the only one in my family who had tororo. He later had another one-third of the naga imo. I will use the last one-third for supper tomorrow.


Mlle said...

I'm so happy to have discovered your blog recently. My mother's ancestors were Japanese but I was not raised with Japanese language or culture in America. Now as an adult I'm learning on my own for myself and my future children. Thank you for sharing your photos and writing. They are wonderful!

Hiroyuki said...

Mlle: Thank you for your kind words for my tiny blog!

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