January 22, 2015

Seven Custom-Made Shigefusa Kitaeji Knives/特注の重房鍛地包丁、7丁

A person asked me to help him/her order seven Shigefusa kitaeji knives from Yoshizawa Riko last year, and he received these knives early this year. This person is the one who previously ordered five Shigefusa kitaeji knives, as I described here.

The seven knives are:
195 mm usuba
300 mm hamokiri
180 mm (jigata) nakiri
120 mm ajikiri
300 mm fuguhiki
180 mm wa (Japanese-style handle) petty
300 mm kirituke

He kindly provided me with these photos, along with some comments. He says he likes the fuguhiki the most.

As with other previous transactions between Yoshizawa Riko and customers, I acted solely as a "bona fide third party" in this transaction.
去年、或る人から、吉沢利工に重房の鍛地包丁を7丁注文するのを注文することを依頼され、今年の初め、 その人に7丁送りました。ここで述べたように、以前に重房の鍛地包丁5丁を注文した人です。

195 mm 薄刃
300 mm ハモ切
180 mm (地型)菜切
120 mm 鯵切
300 mm フグ引
180 mm 和ペティ
300 mm 切付




Yubun said...

A lot of interesting knife in this set!!! That hamokiri must be massive! I've heard a lot of good things about the fuguhiki and I may consider getting one of those.

Hiroyuki said...

Yubun: You should be drooling over those Shigefusa knives (laugh)!

Kiki said...

Just to say thank you. I am still very satisfied with my knife bought in the recommended shop in Tokyo. I use it daily and paid some blood toll once in a while after polishing ( laugh). Funny enough - it never happens while cutting vegetables, it sometimes happens whenever I put a little oil at the blade while using a paper towel. But the latest wound is healed right now. Please tell the owner I really love this knife and I try to take good care of it. Maybe I will visit again after golden week. Planning to stay 2 days in Tokyo before travelling further.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: With a paper towel?
Maybe an oil pot/bottle like the one I have may solve your problem.

I'll convey your message to Yoshizawa Riko the next time I send them an email, which is today or tomorrow.

2 days in Tokyo? You spent a lot of time in Tokyo during your first visit to Japan, and you still have something to see there?

Yubun said...

Haha! Yes. I definitely am. BTW, a belated happy new year!