February 22, 2015

Follow-up on my Funayuki, with Some Notes on Funayuki Knives/舟行のその後と舟行包丁に関する注意

Here is a photo showing my 210-mm multi-layer funayuki knife (bottom) with my other knives.
120-mm petty knife from Watanabe Blade
120-mm Shigefusa kitaeji ajikiri
Global santoku
165-mm kurouchi santoku from Watanabe Blade
195-mm kurouchi mioroshi deba from Watanabe Blade
210-mm funayuki
210 mmの積層鋼舟行(下)と他の包丁の写真です。
From the photo above, you could say that a funayuki knife is quite similar to a mioroshi deba. In fact, I think you can get a good understanding of a funayuki when you think of it as a mioroshi deba with a thinner blade. One word of caution: This particular funayuki is double-beveled. A funayuki may be either single- or double-beveled, so you have to specify which type you want when purchasing. Note also that a funayuki with a blade length of about 150 mm is popular. 210 mm is quite long for a funayuki.
上の写真から判断すると、舟行包丁は身卸し出刃によく似ていると言えそうです。実際、舟行は、刃の薄い身卸し出刃と考えると、舟行をよく理解できると思います。ただし注意して欲しいのは、この舟行は両刃だということです。舟行には片刃も両刃もあるので、購入する際は、どちらの種類が欲しいのかはっきり指定する必要があります。また、舟行は、刃渡りが150 mm程度のが一般的で、210 mmは舟行としてはかなり長いほうです。

The next photo shows my funayuki together with my 165-mm Shigefusa kurouchi nakiri.
次の写真は、舟行と165 mmの重房黒打菜切りの写真です。
I measured the width (top-to-bottom length) of each knife. It was 52 mm for the nakiri and 53 mm for the funayuki. No wonder that my funayuki can be a great substitute for a nakiri. I feel very comfortable when cutting vegetables with my funayuki. My Global and Watanabe Blade santoku have smaller widths.
それぞれの包丁の幅(上から下までの長さ)を測ると、菜切りは52 mmで、舟行は53 mmでした。道理でこの舟行は菜切りの代わりとして使えるわけです。この舟行で野菜を切るのはすごく気持ちいいです。グローバルや渡辺刃物の三徳の幅はこれより小さいです。

Here's some pork tenderloin.
My funayuki can cut it into slices just like a sashimi knife.
I forgot to mention that I had sharpened it with the #5000 grit whetstone before cutting the meat.

My funayuki knife now can cut tomatoes as effortlessly as my Shigefusa nakiri and petty knives.
Edited to add:
Here is a link to the shop I purchased this particular 21-cm multi-layer funayuki knife from. The shop offers other various types of Tosa Uchihamono.
Tosa = Present-day Kochi prefecture
Uchihamono = Uchi (Wrought, forged) + Hamono (bladed tool).
Unfortunately, this shop does not ship internationally.
この21 cmの多層鋼舟行を購入したショップのリンクです。この店では様々な種類の土佐刃物を販売しています。

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