May 14, 2016

Cooking Spaghetti without Boiling, Part 2/スパゲティを茹でずに調理する、パート2

Yesterday, I went to a 100-yen shop and bought this item among others.
Plastic container specifically for use in cooking spaghetti in a microwave oven.
The hole in the lid is for measuring out 100 g of spaghetti. Cool!
蓋にある穴は、100 gのスパゲティを測るためのものです。クール!

I thought it was a great product, but I found that instructions on the bag were pretty stupid.
For a 600/500-W microwave oven, you need to heat spaghetti for the specified time plus 4/5 minutes! Isn't that ridiculous?

Anyway, last night, I put 100 x 2 = 200 g of spaghetti in the container, and added 140 x 2 = 280 g water.
ともかく、昨晩、スパゲティを100 x 2 = 200 g容器に入れ、水を140 x 2 = 280 g入れました。
I kept the container in the fridge until around 11 o'clock today.
As you can see, not all the water is soaked at this point.
I placed a plastic wrap on it (the lid is not microwavable), and put it in the microwave. I expected that it would take a total of four minutes to cook the spaghetti in the 800-W microwave.

One minute later:
Not much difference.

Two minutes later:

Three minutes later:
I stirred the spaghetti with cooking chopsticks before taking the photo.

Four minutes later:
Almost done. I stirred some more. As you can see, almost all the water is now absorbed by the spaghetti.
Meanwhile, I made some simple meat sauce, with two large onions, 300 g of ground pork, and one tomato can. I added a generous amount of tomato ketchup after turning off the heat.
その間、私は玉ねぎ大2個、豚の挽肉300 g、トマト缶一つで簡単なミートソースを作りました。火を止めてから、トマトケチャップをたっぷり足しました。
I transferred one half of the spaghetti to a plate, and added some margarine to the container and mixed it with the remaining spaghetti to keep it from sticking together.
My lunch today.


Cheryl said...

Breaking the spaghetti into smaller pieces would reduce the amount of time it needs to soak, speeding up the process some.

There are also recipes for Spaghetti with meat sauce on the internet, called "One Pot Spaghetti", where you cook the noodles in the sauce with a little added liquid (usually broth or water). Here's an example.

Unknown said...

Dear Hiroyuki-san,

I read in the past you can help with ordering a shigefusa

I have seen that a 32cm Kitaeji is available as we speak, will it be possible to assist me with the purchase?

Best regards
Evangelos Kapris

Hiroyuki said...

Cheryl: Thanks for your suggestions.

I will make more recipes for my son so he can feel comfortable with cooking pasta.

ekapris7880: I'd like to, but the one of the two 32 cm (shaku issun) kitaeji yanagiba has already been sold to someone else, and the other has already been claimed by someone else.

Unknown said...

Dear Hiroyuki-san

This is unfortunately, will be then possible to assist me with potentially placing an order for 3 shigefusa knives

1. Kitaeji yanagiba 30cm
2. Kasumi Guyto 24cm
3. Kasumi Sujihi 27cm

How much will be the cost of each and should I pay in advance finally will it be better to be shipped to USA or in Japan ?

I have contacts in both places for that matter.

By the way, I enjoy your blog and it is interesting to follow the "cooking" lessons you are giving to your son.

Best regards

Hiroyuki said...
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9895039531 seeandoh said...

Looks Yummy. I will make this dish. I may replace the Pork with Beef.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: Do make a dish like that! With pasta and canned tomato, you can never go wrong!

Unknown said...

Hello Hiroyuki - I just found your blog and am enjoying the recipes and the topics you write about. My husband and I visited Japan for the first time in March and I returned (to Boston, Massachusetts) missing Japanese food very much. I look forward to trying some of your recipes especially for pickles and sweets! Thanks for this blog.

Hiroyuki said...

Holly C:

Thanks for your comment. Japan in late March? You must have seen lots of cherry trees in blossom then.