July 17, 2016

Ume Jam and Milk, the Most Powerful Combination I Have Ever Found!/梅ジャムと牛乳、これまでで最強の組み合わせ!

The title says it all. The combination of my home-made, low-sugar (20%) ume jam and milk has been the most powerful combination I have ever found.
Put some ume jam in a glass.
Add some milk.
Stir with a spoon.
The milk will be curdled instantly due to the citric acid in the ume jam.
I'm confident that I can survive the sweltering summer in Japan by consuming this yogurt-like, very refreshing food!


Sissi said...

Fantastic idea! Actually I think what you obtained is closer to kefir than yogurt. Does it exist in Japan? I like it mixed with fruits as a healthy drink or alone when it's very hot (also excellent for a hangover!).
You reminded me my mum used to make curdled milk every summer by simply putting it at room temperature covered by a piece of gauze. It curdled in 24 hours and then went to the fridge. It was a great cooling drink in the summer. (This works only with unpasteurised milk though; pasteurised milk needs an acid enhancer).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I, for one, didn't know about kefir, and I had to get some info about it. It sounds like a very healthy food, just like amazake in Japan.

Curdled milk in the summer? I guess it's universal that we crave something sour (and sweet) when it's hot.