March 23, 2017

Sunomono (Vinegared Dish) of Wakame and Cucumbers/わかめときゅうりの酢の物

Wakame seaweed is often combined with cucumbers to make a sunomono (vinegared dish). My version is a combination of wakame and sliced cucumbers, plus some other ingredients like canned corn and fake crab meat ("kanikama", known as surimi in France and other countries), seasoned with a 1:3 mixture of sugar and vinegar. For wakame, I usually use a cheap, imported product. My parents' version is simpler, just a combination of wakame and cucumber, but is seasoned with much more sugar and vinegar. As for wakame, my father insists that fresh wakame be used.
So, I had to buy a pack of fresh wakame the other day.
Usually, fresh wakame is salted, and must be rinsed with several changes of water.
Then cut it into manageable sizes.
In a mixing bowl, I added 1/3 fresh wakame and 3 sliced cucumbers.
Then, I asked my father to season them with sugar and vinegar. I was surprised to see the generous amounts of sugar and vinegar he added to the bowl.

Well, way too sweet for my taste.

Images of wakame cucumber sunomono/わかめ きゅうり 酢の物の画像


Amy said...

Looks so refreshing. I haven't made cucumber sunomono in a while; I should definitely make it soon. I'll add wakame as well! I have dried wakame that I bought at the Korean/Japanese market - I never used wakame before in my cooking (I've only had it at restaurants), and I love it. Wonderful in miso soup with fresh tofu. Why does your father prefer fresh wakame over the dried stuff? Is there a big difference in flavor?

Hiroyuki said...

Amy: Yes, wakame and tofu miso soup is quite common in Japan, and they go very well together. Besides, it's very easy to make!

Fresh wakame is superior in both flavor and texture, and my father says it's totally different from the dried, while I think it's just slightly better. Considering the great price difference, I will stick to the dried wakame!