June 26, 2017

Cultivating Buckwheat/そばの収穫

On April 21, my father sowed 1 kg of buckwheat seeds on a plot measuring 23 m x  8 m. On May 7, I helped my father put up a net over the plot as I described here. On June 24, when the "blackening ratio" of the buckwheat seeds reached 70-80%, my father and I cultivated the buckwheat.
4/21、父は23 m x 8 mの土地に蕎麦の種を撒きました。ここで述べたように、5/7、その土地にネットを張るのを手伝いました。6/24、そばの種の黒化率が70~80%になったので、父と二人で蕎麦を収穫しました。

I'm not quite sure, but my father says 80% of the buckwheat seeds are now black.
I did almost all the cropping manually with a sickle, while my father bundled the stems.
We put the bundles in the light truck (called "kei tora" for short), and carried them to the overhead grapevine trellis with a roof in front of the house.
They are now hung to dry.
It will take one week or so for them to dry. My father hopes to get 20 kg of buckwheat from the bundles.
乾くのに1週間ほどかかります。この束から蕎麦が20 kgくらい取れればいいなあと、父は言ってます。
Edited to add:
Due to the bad weather, the drying process is quite slow.
I talked about the "blackening ratio". Cropping buckwheat when the blacking ratio is 70-80% is recommended because the seeds that are still white will turn black in the drying process. If you crop buckwheat when the ratio is almost 100%, you will lose a considerable amount of seeds while cropping.

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