July 14, 2017

Summer Vegetable Curry, etc./夏野菜カレーなど

I keep making dishes using the summer vegetables my father keeps collecting from his field.
"Abura miso" (lit. oil miso)
My father calls eggplants stir-fried with oil and miso "abura miso". Eggplants, miso, and oil are the only ingredients. My wife, on the other hand, calls such dish "nasu miso", and this dish always calls for mirin and sugar and another ingredient (ao jiso (green perilla) or ginger).

Today, I made summer vegetable curry for lunch.
All of the vegetables in the photo were grown by my father.

I also used ingen (green beans), also grown by my father (boiled and frozen) and some pork.
I added NO water to the frying pan. After the ingredients were done, I added half the curry roux box
I later added some instant dashi and soy sauce as kakushi aji (hidden flavors).

Some summer vegetable curry dishes are much more colorful and look more delicious as you can see from:

Images of natsu yasai (summer vegetable) curry/夏野菜カレーのイメージ

I made "nasu no age bitashi" as part of supper today.
soaked in men tsuyu (noodle dipping sauce) in a container.


Fräulein Trude said...

Looking at the vegetables: Are those bitter gourds? Doesn't the curry turn quite bitter?

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: They may look like bitter gourds (goya or niga uri in Japanese), but actually they are cucumbers. My father says they taste better than normal ones with smooth skin. My father does not grow bitter gourds (thank god for that!).

9895039531 seeandoh said...

I also mistook it for bitter gourds..!! But I realised it is indeed cucumbers. The curry will be good with the bits of pork in it. Bitter gourds are very good for health. Use some yogurt with bitter gourd and boil it to take out the bitterness.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: Oh, you too? Bitter gourds should be good for health... Okinawan people, known for their longevity, love them, but I really can't say I like them.

9895039531 seeandoh said...

Lot of Iron in Bitter Gourd. Also it is very effective to control the blood sugar levels. Bitter gourd juice is prescribed for Diabetics.