November 29, 2017

Two Shigefusa Kitaeji Gyuto, 210 mm and 240 mm/重房鍛地牛刀2丁、210 mmと240 mm

Comment from another happy owner of Shigefusa knives.
"Today I finally received the knives. It took really long but I am very happy. I especially like the 240mm as it is much lighter than I anticipated."
Note: The owner has had to wait for two years to get these knives.
注: このオーナーは、この包丁を得るのに2年も待ちました。 


Unknown said...

Hi Hiroyuki, I love your food and traveling blog. I have always wanted to order these knives. I was wondering how I maybe able to order these knives. I am very interested.

Thank you

Hiroyuki said...


Check out this post first:
and then send me an email at

Like I mentioned in the post above, please be specific about your order.
Note also that the time to delivery is now at least TWO YEARS.