June 17, 2018

Meals Offered in the School Canteen at My Daughter's University, Part 4/娘の大学の学生食堂で出される食事、パート4

1. Mackerel simmered with miso
2. Curry (and rice) with korokke (Japanese croquette) and chocolate bread
3. Pork and wood ear fried with oyster sauce
       This is mecha uma (mighty delish)! Lots of ingredients! I counted them, and they were pork, cabbage, wood ear, bean sprouts, onion, eryngii (king oyster), shiitake, mianma (bamboo shoot), and enoki!
3、豚肉と木耳のオイスター炒め      ↑これがめちゃうま!具だくさん!数えてみたら、豚肉、キャベツ、木耳、もやし、玉ねぎ、エリンギ、しいたけ、メンマ、えのき だった! 













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