September 22, 2012

A Trip to Sanjo City, Part 3/三条への旅、パート3

Before going to STOCK BUSTERS, I got so hungry I bought these at a conbini, together with a bottle of barley tea.  I had them in my car.
STOCK BUSTERSに行く前に、お腹がすいたので、コンビニで麦茶と一緒にこんなのを買い、車の中で食べました。
Tare katsu don (a specialty of Niigata city) and pizza.

STOCK BUSTERS (ストック・バスターズ):
Unfortunately, there was a sign at the entrance that said, "No photographing allowed."

In short, STOCK BUSTERS is a factory outlet shop that sells bad stock items from about 100 manufacturers in Sanjo and Tsubame (city adjacent to Sanjo) 50 to 90% off the manufacturers' suggested retail prices.
簡単に言うと、STOCK BUSTERSは、三条市と燕市(三条市の隣りの市)のメーカー約100社の不良在庫の品をメーカー希望小売価格の50~90%OFFで売る、ファクトリーアウトレットショップです。

I had thought that I would spend a lot of money there, but I ended up buying only two items:
28-cm dia. ceramic-coated frying pan for 1,260 yen
Antibacterial turner for 105 yen
直径28 cmのセラミックコートフライパン1,260円
Then, I headed for Messepia.

To be continued.


muskratbyte said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures of your trip! I know I would really enjoy visiting all of these places!

Sissi said...

I wonder what you will think about the ceramic pan! I have one too.

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: Thanks! Yes, I'm sure you will enjoy visiting STOCK BUSTERS and Messepia, in particular.

Sissi: Because of the discussion on iron pans among Kiki, you, and me, I wanted to buy an iron one, but I ended up buying a ceramic one because it looked attractive...
I enjoy cooking with the ceramic pan. Recently, I fried four sanma in it. Because of its large size, I didn't have to cut each sanma in two.