September 10, 2012

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, Part XIV/大地の芸術祭、パート14

I lost my way again:  I wanted to turn left, which would lead me to Matsunoyama, but the road sign suggested that the road was blocked, so I had to turn right, which led me to... Tokamachi!
I became hungry.  Would I go to a traditional sushi shop?  I ended up buying these at a conbini (convenience store).
Maku no uchi bento, cream cheese cake, and barley tea.
Any conbini in Japan has some nice sweets.
After I became full, I changed my mood, and decided to try to reach Matsunoyama again,

because I wanted to visit this hilarious museum:

Watch these famous paintings before proceeding.
I found this sign:
Shita ga ugokeba te ga yasumu.
(When your tongue moves, your hands will rest.)
It must have been made by a very hardworking person.

Here is a YouTube video, posted by EchigoTsumariARtFILe.

To be continued.


Chibimoni said...

Wow..lots of updates on the Echigo Tsumari art exhibition. Is your house nearby the exhibition area?

Spotted "The Gleaners", "The Scream" and "The Last Supper". I guess the lady sitting is "Monalisa"? Must be exciting visiting all those cool sites. \(*T▽T*)/

Hiroyuki said...

Chibimoni: Yes, most artworks are within one-hour drive from my house.

Yes, Mona Lisa! I would like to hear what the woman thinks of her being selected for such a model.

Fräulein Trude said...

Really really nice, especially "Whistlers mother" and "maid with the milk can". Thanks for sharing.

Sissi said...

Amazing! I want to go to this museum one day. "The Scream" is extraordinary! (By the way, I must be obsessed because I read your first words like this: "I lost my weight again").

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki and Sissi: I'm glad that you seemed to like the museum.

Sissi, I wish I could say, "I lost my weight again." I think I have gained some weight since last March... Shinmai (new crop rice) is so good!

Sissi said...

I also wish I could say this... If it was only for the rice...