September 22, 2012

A Trip to Sanjo City, Part 6/三条への旅、パート6

I returned to the Dojo, paid 500 yen for the wakugi making course, and went to the "taiken jo" (experience space).  I was glad to find that the first master I saw today was still there.
The master taught me how to make wakugi (Japanese-style nails) patiently, and I was a bad student!  With much help from the master, I managed to make these wakugi.
The tiny one was made entirely by the master.

The inscription was also made by the master.
It says, "Echigo Sanjo   Kaji Dojo".
「越後三条  鍛冶道場」と書かれています。

My knives
wrapped in newspaper in a safe manner.
It may not be apparent from the photos, but even the Global santoku, which I could never sharpen properly because of its hardness, is now as sharp as my Shigefusa nakiri.

Many thanks to the masters of the Sanjo Kaji Dojo!


Fräulein Trude said...

Very nice activities! Very interesting. The nails remind on the nails for horse shoes - same shape and style but maybe not the same size. I watched blacksmiths making those at horse conventions and medieval festivals. It is so amazing to watch skilled craftmansship.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: Yes, very amazing. I think I made the right decision: Skipping the visit to the sophisticated SUWADA factory and taking the wakugi making course. It was both interesting and fun!

Sissi said...

Fascinating trip! Thank you for sharing so many photos. I think the Global brand is quite famous in Europe...
I had no idea there existed Japanese nails!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Here is a webpage that provides links to videos about Sanjo.

Of these videos, Chapter 2 -waza- (Technique) briefly introduces Messepia (around 4:40) and Sanjo Kaji Dojo (around 6:41).

There are many Global lovers in Japan, too, but as I mentioned somewhere, my love for my Global santoku was short-lived. I now prefer traditional Japanese knives.