March 16, 2009

Cooking Less/料理をあまりしなくなりました

I was the main cook in the house just until a week ago, but now, my recuperating wife has finally started to cook, so I cook much less these days. Of course, I'm happy about it, but the sad thing is that I can't update this blog as often as I used to.
Last Sunday, I squeezed as many as 35 natsu mikan (a type of citrus fruit) before noon, and I managed to get about 2.5 liters of juice.

I still have more natsu mikan in the house. They were all given to me by my father last December.
And, I made satoimo no nikkorogashi (simmered and rolled taro).

My son wanted to have udon for supper, and I bought prawn, horse mackerel, and maitake tempura.

Tonight, my wife made pork-and-onion stir-fry.

And, moyashi (bean sprout) salad, too.


Nancy Heller said...

So glad that your wife is recovering! It can be just as much fun (and even a little easier) for you to photograph when she is cooking and post about it!

Please don't stop - I love your blog.

Best - Nancy

Mama said...

I'm with Nancy - I love your blog and your recipes! I hope you continue to cook and share on your blog.

Hiroyuki said...

Nancy Heller and pink: Thank you very much for your kind words! I'll see what I can do.