May 26, 2009

Harumaki (Spring Rolls)/春巻き

Harumaki (spring rolls) are not a traditional Japanese dish, but are popular in Japan. My wife made harumaki for supper tonight.
Typical ingredients include shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots, but this time, she used cabbage, harusame noodles, and ground pork only.

Nothing like home-made, crispy, and very stuffed harumaki!


Nancy Heller said...

What are harusame noodles?

Mama said...

Those look delicious!

Hiroyuki said...

Nancy Heller: This webpage explains harusame in detail:

pink: Thanks! For some reason, my wife likes making harumaki, but the problem is that making them is rather time-consuming, and harumaki were virtually the only dish she made for supper last night!