September 20, 2009

Simmered Hijiki Seaweed/ひじきの煮物

As part of supper tonight, my wife made simmered hijiki seaweed. I understand that some non-Japanese people refrain from consuming hijiki seasweed because of its high inorganic arsenic content, but that won't stop me from having it from time to time.


Uncle N said...

I did not know higiki or other sea weed contains arsenic. Although we do not eat higiki often (we rather like it), it is quite amazing. Your wife's version looks good. I googled "higiki" and "arsenic" and learned a lot. Thanks.

Mama said...

That looks very good! I have been eating seaweed all my life, so the idea of it containing something that was bad for me never crossed my mind.

Hiroyuki said...

Uncle N and pink: You can get accurate information about hijiki by googling "provisional tolerable weekly intake" and hijiki.
For example, according to one site, a person weighing 50 kg will not exceed the PTWI unless he/she consumes 5 g (when dried) of hijiki more than three days a week.