December 14, 2009

スーパーのお弁当/Supermarket Bento

Today, around noon, I bought one pack of bento at the supermarket I frequent.

I had it right away in the area of the supermarket where there were tables and chairs for customers to rest.

Plain cooked rice with some sweet pickle on top, simmered squid, simmered "kiriboshi daikon" (dried strips of daikon), simmered hijiki seaweed, oyako don (chicken and egg donburi) topping, and pickled Chinese cabbage.

A salesperson kindly offered me a cup of green tea and some sweets.

After I finished it, I checked the sozai section, and found that only one was left. (There were three of them when I bought one.)

It was a yummy and healthy bento.


fabergreen said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog very much. Thank you so much for putting up photos and interesting writings about Japanese food. I learnt alot from you and I enjoy cooking Japanese food for my family (we are Chinese Singaporean). I look forward to reading your blog every day!

Hiroyuki said...

fabergreen: Thanks for your comment! I wish I could update this blog more often, but I'm kind of busy right now. Thanks for your patience!