December 29, 2009

Yuzu and Other Citrus Fruits/柚子や他の柑橘系果物

My father, now 81, grows these citrus fruits (top left to right bottom), among others:
Natsumikan (lit. summer mikan), grapefruit, mikan (also called satsuma in English), and yuzu.

As you may know, yuzu is often used in Japanese cuisine. It is liked for its aromatic zest. It contains a lot of seeds as you can see from the photo below, so you can't get much juice from it.

I made some suikuchi from the yuzu rind:

A suikuchi is a garnish for a shirumono or suimono. It's usually an aromatic condiment that brings out the flavor of the shirumono or suimono.
I made some dressing from the juice from the yuzu, the leftover rind, some sugar, and mayonnaise.

I added a suikuchi to the sumashi jiru (clear soup) just before sipping. It instantly changed my usual sumashi jiru to the type of soup you will have at a high-class Japanese-style restaurant! All my family loved it!
Usually, at such a restaurant, you will be served a bowl of soup with a lid on it. You will take off the lid, inhale the aroma, and you will say, "Wow!!".

I poured some dressing over the leftover shredded cabbage. Again, the yuzu aroma was fantastic!

I squeezed some juice from the natsumikan and the grapefruit.

I think I'll have the juice with shochu tomorrow evening. Till then, bye for now!

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