January 22, 2010

Miso Ramen/味噌ラーメン

For lunch today, I made miso ramen, using the Kitakata ramen gift that I mentioned previously in my Jan. 18 post. Miso ramen is often topped with stir-fried vegetables, so I had it with the leftover stir-fried vegetables from last night's supper. I kept the stir-fried vegetables separate from the ramen, however. I don't think it's a good practice to put large amounts of ingredients on top of ramen.

I measured the width of the noodles before cooking them, and it was almost 3 mm.
麺を茹でる前に幅を測ってみました。3 mm近くありました。

I'm not a big fan of miso ramen, because the broth is usually flavored with garlic.

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