June 23, 2010

Chicken Karaage Made in a Superheated Steam Oven/過熱水蒸気オーブンで作った鶏の唐揚げ

Two weeks ago, my microwave oven suddenly broke down, and I had to buy another one. Would I buy a simple microwave oven for about 9,000 yen or a microwave oven with a conventional oven feature for about 15,000 yen? I finally decided to buy a microwave oven with five heating features, microwave heating, grilling, conventional oven, steaming, and superheated steam heating, for about 20,000 yen.

You may wonder what superheated steam is. Here is some explanation. Healsio of Sharp, released in 2004, was the first superheated steam oven for home use. It was rather bulky and expensive (about 120,000 yen), and it did not provide a microwave heating feature.

Today, I tried the superheated steam heating feature of my new microwave oven for the first time.

Chunks of chicken breast ready to be cooked:

As I mentioned previously, in Japan, chicken breasts are about twice as cheap as chicken thighs. Chicken breasts are sold for about 38-48 yen per 100 g while chicken thighs are sold for about 88-98 yen per 100 g.
前にも言いましたが、鶏の胸肉は日本では腿肉より2倍程度安いです。胸肉は100g 38~48円程度で売っていますが、腿肉は100 g 88~98円程度です。

You simply press the Superheated steam button and select "27 Chicken karaage", and the oven will do all the cooking for you.
ただ、過熱水蒸気ボタンを押し、「27 鶏のからあげ」を選択すれば、後はレンジが料理をしてくれます。

According to the instruction manual, chicken karaage should be done in 24 minutes...

The instruction manual says that if the heating is not enough, use the "grill" feature for additional heating while checking on it. So, I decided to grill it for 3 minutes.

But, apparently, not much improvement. I gave up grilling it any further.

Edited to add: I tasted three pieces and found them all cooked thoroughly. I don't know where I went wrong.
追加: 3つ試食してみると、全て完全に火が通っていました。何が悪かったのか分かりません。

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