June 27, 2010

Making Dried Enokitake Mushrooms/干しエノキタケの作り方

In this post, I'd like to explain how to make dried enokitake (or simply enoki for short) mushrooms.

First, get fresh enoki ready.

Cut one cluster of enoki into five parts as shown below.
Right to left:
1: Right end part, approx 1 cm in length, which is part of the saw dust bed and should be discarded.
2 and 3: Parts where the steams are stuck together, approx. 1.5 to 2 cm each in length.
4 and 5: Parts where the stems are separate, approx. 4 to 5 cm each in length.
1: 一番右の部分、長さ約1 cm。おがくずの菌床(きんしょう)の一部なので、捨てる。
2と3: 茎がお互いにくっついている部分、それぞれ長さ約1.5~2 cm。
4と5: 茎が離れている部分、それぞれ長さ約4~5 cm。

Discard part 1, and dry parts 2 and 3 separately from parts 4 and 5.

Parts 4 and 5 on the top and middle nets:

Parts 2 and 3 on the bottom net:

Whether to dry in the sun or in the shade?

I, for one, prefer drying them in the shade. It should take at least two days to dry them completely.

Details to come later.

(To be continued)


Arthur3030 said...

I'm curious about the blue screen object you're putting the mushrooms in. What is that thing?

I've tried searching for mushroom drying equipment, but haven't found anything like it--perhaps because mushroom drying is very rare in the US.

Hiroyuki said...

Arthur3030: This thing is called hoshi ami (drying net) and many other names. It is used to dry fish, squids, and vegetables (such as daikon), among others.
Drying shiitake is popular here in Japan, but drying enoki isn't, and that's why I present my way of drying enoki here in my blog.