July 8, 2010

Another Attempt to Make Chicken Karaage in my Superheated Steam Oven/過熱水蒸気レンジで再度、鶏の唐揚げに挑戦

Today, I made another attempt to make chicken karaage in my superheated steam oven. This time, I placed sheets of parchment paper on the tray, and placed pieces of chicken directly on them, instead of using the baking rack, hoping that the heat would be transferred directly from the tray.

Karaage in the making (sorry for the reflection):

After 24-minute superheated steam cooking, the karaage looked almost the same as my first attempt.

I "grilled" the karaage for 3 minutes, just like I did in the first attempt, but no apparent improvement.

I decided to grill it in my reliable toaster oven for 4 minutes.

I'm beginning to feel stupid for having made these attempts. Now it seems obvious to me that this low-end model of mine cannot make karaage properly. Besides, the karaage made in an oven is not actually "karaage" because it's not deep-fried.

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