July 17, 2010

Display of Fireworks/花火大会

The 3-day Shiozawa Matsuri ends with a display of fireworks on July 16. My daughter (10) took videos of many of the fireworks. This video is the most specutacular of all, which begins with a phenix firework.


Jan said...

Wow that was beautiful. I love the huge ones at the end. Thanks for showing us the video Hiroyuki san.

Hiroyuki said...

Jan: Thanks for your comment. My daughter took more than 70 videos in total!

Indirect Heat said...

Wow, nice video.

Hiroyuki said...

Bbq Dude: If you want to see displays of fireworks on a much grander scale, visit the following:
and click one of the photos, and the video will start.

The phoenix has become a symbol of restoration from the earthquake that hit Nagaoka and surrounding areas (including my area) in October 23, 2004.