February 3, 2012

Making Onigiri with Ingredients Mixed in Them/具を混ぜ込んだおにぎりの作り方

Here is how to make onigiri with ingredients mixed in them.

I first made two onigiri with salmon flakes as a filling and two others with salted kombu. I reheated leftover cooked rice in a microwave, and I mixed salt and water at a ratio of 1:1.
Then, I added some water to the salt water, simply because I didn't want to throw away the salt water. You don't have to use salt to make onigiri with ingredients mixed in them.
I mixed store-bought "Yukari" (seasoned red perilla leaves).
Note: Yukari is a registered trademark of Mishima Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Directions are the same as those for making onigiri with fillings in them, except that you simply skip the steps for making a dent and putting a filling in it.
注: 「ゆかり」は三島食品株式会社の登録商標です。

I measured the weight of each onigiri, and it was about 85 g, except the rightmost one. As I said in the previous post, mine are smaller than the store-bought kind, which is about 100-110 g.
それぞれのおにぎりの重さを測ると、右端のを除いて、85 g程度でした。先に述べたように、私のおにぎりは市販のもの(約100~110 g)より小さいです。
Cross section of one onigiri:
Cross section of another:
As I said in the previous post, refrain from packing the rice tightly. Pack it loosely.


muskratbyte said...

Now I know what to do with yukari! These look delicious. I usually just make mine with umeboshi centers, and wrapped in seaweed. I've also make grilled onigiri (onigiriyaki?)

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte: They are called yaki onigiri 焼きおにぎり.
I like yaki onigiri seasoned with miso, but store-bought frozen yaki onigiri are usually seasoned with soy sauce.

My mother used to make yaki onigiri as a late-night snack for me when I was a teenager. I really liked the aroma of the miso when it was being grilled.