February 18, 2012

Patedison Shousetsu Sheet/パテジソンの消雪シート

To make my point clear, let me provide four other videos, taken by me this morning.

One side of the roof of the parking space, at around 7:30
The other side of the roof of the parking space, at around 7:30
One side of the roof of the parking space, two and a half hours later, at around 10:00
The other side of the roof of the parking space, two and a half hours later, at around 10:00
Even at a flow rate of around 700-900 cc per square meters per minute, the system failed to melt snow properly.
For the record, I kept the snow sensor unit on, and the system kept operating during the night. There was no snow on the roof last night.
毎分700~900 cc/平米でさえ、ちゃんと融雪ができません。

Another problem is that the valve stems are prone to clog.
In late December last year, it kept snowing a lot for a few days, leaving this amount of snow on the roof. I had to climb on the roof and remove the snow. While removing, I also had to adjust all the 39 valve stems to a maximum flow rate. Needless to say, after I removed all the snow from the roof, I had to adjust all the valve stems back to an appropriate flow rate.
Then, a few days later, I also had to deal with the snow on the roof of the two-storied house. It was impossible for me to climb on the roof, and I had to close the two valves in the pipes that supply water for melting the snow on the ground, as well as all the 39 valve stems for the roof of the parking space to supply all water to the roof of the house in an attempt to melt the snow and hopefully remedy the clogging of stem valves.
How I wished I had had a single valve here.


okasan said...

Thanks for explaining the snow melting system, very interesting indeed. This system will definitely not work here with our up and down temperature. One day can be -30C and next day could be +10. The warm wind from the Pacific known as the Chinook Wind give us a break during the winter. This season has been very good, we only had the extreme temperature a couple of days. I was reading some news headline about 雪国 having a lot of snow last month and going through a hardship; I'm wondering if they are talking about your area.

Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Patedison says that their system can be applied to Hokkaido, which is much colder than Niigata. I don't know whether this is true.

40C temperature difference!!! I can't even imagine how life is in your area!

Yes, 災害救助法 (the Disaster Relief Act) is applied to my city, as well as other cities and towns in Niigata, Nagano, and Aomori prefectures.