April 28, 2012

Eating Out in Nagaoka/長岡で外食

Yesterday, I took a day off, and took a trip to Nagaoka.   I had two different meals for lunch.

Italian (yakisoba with tomato sauce poured over it):

So-called "soul food" of Nagaoka people.

On tama (hot egg) bukkake (lit. "splash") udon:

JR Nagaoka Station:

Joetsu Line:

Before I got on the train, I bought some gifts for my family.

Warabi mochi:

Assortment of tarts:

Mont Blanc tart:


okasan said...


Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Yes, tenkasu (or agedama). It's offered for free. You can put as much tenkasu in your bowl as you want.

Mont Blanc is a favorite of mine, too!

later, I will post about the movie/film I saw yesterday.

Sissi said...

Hiroyuki, it's very interesting to see Mont Blanc tart ;-) I have never heard about it. From what I see it's filled with something...
I am so happy to see so many words written in katakana on the menu!!! It is such a relief to see that even if I learn kanji very slowly (I'm starting only next week), with my knowledge of katakana and hiragana I will not feel like a completely illiterate person when I go to Japan :-)

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Me, either. I mean, Mont Blanc is very, very popular in Japan (especially in the fall), but I've never heard of Mont Blanc tart.
Usually, Mon Blanc is some kind of base + whipped cream inside + chestnut cream dusted with sugar powder.

I'm sure you are a fast learner. Learning 2000+ kanji may sound a daunting task, but I hope you enjoy learning them!

Sissi said...

I have never heard of the regular Mont Blanc either, but I have read in the meantime that it's very popular in Japan.
Thank you for the encouragement! You are very kind. I enjoy a lot learning both the spoken and the written Japanese. I only should be more regular and disciplined with studying at home.

Nancy Heller said...

Is that puffed rice in the bowl on top of the On tama bukkake udon? The dish looks delicious.

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Mont Blanc is really HUGE in Japan! And, there are just a lot of variations! Some are good, while other are not so good. Recently, I found a Mont Blanc that's perfect for me. I hope I can show it in my blog in the near future.

Nancy Heller: It's tenkasu (agedama), tiny balls of deep-fried tempura batter.

Anonymous said...

Hello sir. What is that shop next to subway (third picture)? The signboard seemed to be in Arabic fonts..

Hiroyuki said...

Pots: That's "Friend", which serves Nagaoka's soul food, Italian, among others. The signboard says Friend in katakana, Japanese phonetic symbols. "Subway" is a shop specializing in sandwiches.