July 8, 2012

Michi no Eki (Roadside Station) "Yuki Akari"/道の駅「雪あかり」

Today, July 8, a grand opening was held for the Roadside Station (Michi no Eki), "Yuki Akari".

Yuki Akari is located on National Highway Route 17.

Produce stand, "Shiki Ajiwai Kan":

Mushroom soup was offered for free.

Mochi tsuki (pounding):

The mochi was also offered for free, either with azuki an or kinako.  I wanted to have some, but I gave up because a long line of people had been formed while I was watching the mochi tsuki performance.

Food stalls:

Probably the biggest event of the grand opening for many, especially children, was a skit by the comedy duo, "Hiking Walking".  The guy on the right in the photo, who raises his hand, is Suzuki Q Taro, who comes from the Shiozawa area of Minami Uonuma city, where the roadside station is located.

(I wanted to take a better photo of them, but because of so many people around, this is the very best shot I took.)

Here are the items I bought in the produce stand:

Anyone who made a purchase in the produce stand was entitled to draw a lot outside the stand just by showing their receipt (although the flyer said that those customers who made purchases of 1000 yen or more could draw a lot).  I drew a lot and got this bottle of honey.

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