July 7, 2012

Miso Soup/味噌汁

Here is the way I make miso soup:
I usually cook the vegetables the night before.

Cabbage and onion in this example.
In the morning, I turn on the gas, and put some instant dashi in the pot.  I sometimes add some abura age, which I shred and store in the freezer in advance.  If I decide to add wakame instead, I add it after I add miso and turn off the gas.

I can't say how much miso I add.  About this much.

I turn off the gas before the pot comes to a boil.

The bowl of rice (o-chawan or chawan) is placed on the left, and the bowl of miso soup (o-wan) is placed on the right.

This is the standard way of placing them.

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