October 6, 2012

2012 Kokusai Gotochi Gourmet Grand Prix in Minami Uonuma Bokushi Dori/2012国際ご当地グルメグランプリin南魚沼牧之通り

On October 6 and 7, the 2012 Kokusai Gotochi Gourmet Grand Prix in Minami Uonuma Bokushi Dori is held on Bokushi Dori in the Shiozawa Area of Minami Uonuma city, from 10:00 to 16:00.
Kokusai 国際 こくさい = International
Gotochi ご当地 ごとうち = Local 
Official website/オフィシャルサイト 

I have just returned from the Grand Prix. グランプリから帰って来たところです。

Some photos to share:
40 different dishes in and out of Niigata prefecture are offered, and the dish that gets the most votes will win the Grand Prix.

Incredible number of people on Bokushi Dori:
I had already decided which dishes to buy.  One of them was Uonuma Kinoko Jiru (Mushroom Soup).
I think I'll try Sanjo Curry Ramen tomorrow.
The other dish I bought was Niigata Katsu Burger.
Tartar sauce and shredded cabbage:
Slightly sweeter than my preference, yet very tasty.
At the JA Shiozawa booth, 
I bought 1 shou (1.8 liters) of Koshihikari rice produced in Shiozawa for 1,000 yen, together with fresh enoki and oyster mushrooms.
Leaflet of the Grand Prix:
Koshihikari rice:
Fresh enoki and oyster mushrooms:
I will definitely go back tomorrow to have some more dishes!


Sissi said...

Was it tonkatsu burger? or chicken katsu? I have had a tonkatsu burger in an orange Japanese fast-food chain. It was delicious! I have bought a cabbage shredded in the 100 yen shop. I hope I will be able to shred it finely because I have never managed to do it as finely as in Japan with any European tool.
I have forgotten to say that I had a chance to taste new crop rice in one of the department store's food section underground. I was disappointed, but my friend said their rice (it was a producer's corner) wasn't good in general probably, hence the disappointing taste... Maybe I will be luckier next year!
Talking about mushrooms, today I have discovered they sell organic fresh shiitake in my French organic shop! (They are grown in France). I have bought some and am very curious to see how they taste.

Sissi said...

(Sorry for the typo, I meant cabbage shredder of course).

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: It was tonkatsu. I was a little disappointed because it was rather thin.
I hope your cabbage shredder works fine. I have two or three of them in the kitchen, and they all work fine. Months ago, I bought another, much more expensive (1,200 yen or so), adjustable (0.5, 1.3, and 2.0 mm) slicer from Kyocera. It works fine, but I thought that a 100 yen one would work just as fine.

I have no idea why you were disappointed in that particular new crop rice. I think that any new crop rice will taste great regardless of the variety...

I really wish you had visited some supermarkets in Japan to check all those mushrooms available in Japan.

Sissi said...

My Japanese friend told me that the rice quality wasn't good and that new or old, it would taste worse than any good rice. I suppose I wasn't lucky.
I had a chance to see many mushrooms in underground department store parts, but unfortunately tasted only one new: nameko. I hope I will taste more next time. I must have tasted dozens of new food items though, not to mention all the meals I took... I don't think it was possible to fit more food into one week ;-)
I once even had two small lunches the same day just to be able to taste takoyaki.