September 29, 2013

First Mushroom Hunting in this Season/今シーズン初のきのこ狩り

As requested by my son, my son and I went mushroom hunting for the first time in this season.
My son was overjoyed at being able to see beni tengu take (Amanita muscaria) again in the place where he found them last year.
It may be hard to see from the photo below, this particular mushroom often appear in a circle.
My son says he likes this photo the best.
This mushroom is POISONOUS.
He found one tamago take (Amanita hemibapha) near the poisonous mushroom.
This mushroom is edible.
My son then found some yamaboshi (Kousa Dogwood) berries. 
(Sorry, blurry)
Later, we found some naratake (honey mushrooms).
And, some oyster mushrooms.
All the mushrooms we got that day.
Closeup of yamaboshi berries.
As requested by my son, I put all edible mushrooms in soup, except the hotei shimeji (Clitocybe clavipes (Pers. : Fr.) Kummer), in a small container. This mushroom will be poisonous when eaten with alcohol.


Sissi said...

Such a coincidence: I have just talked to my mum who also went mushroom picking today and was now cleaning mushrooms, pickling and drying.
I envy you so much! I have no one here who goes mushroom picking (I would never dare going alone), but I have always enjoyed it as a child (as well as fishing!). It's always interesting to see the Japanese varieties and the way you prepare mushrooms too. Your son never ceases to impress me! Can I come mushroom picking with you next year? Just joking!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: Don't envy me (laugh)! I'm reluctant to go mushroom hunting myself!

Fräulein Trude said...

Do those berries taste nice? I know about the trees from gardens and parks around here. The blossoms are very pretty but nobody eats the fruits (they are very decorative).

Mushroom hunting is not that bad at all: Lots of fresh air, sportive activity and something to eat.

Hiroyuki said...

Kiki: My son said they were very sweet, but I'd say they are slightly sweet. They have a lot of seeds in them, so you just have to eat them whole and spit out the seeds.

Mushroom hunting should be refreshing, of course, but that's only when you have nothing else to do!

muskratbyte said...

I've always wanted to go mushroom hunting! I always enjoy your foraging blogs.

Yangsze said...

Yay! Another mushroom hunting post! Always so fun to read and see what you both found.

Hiroyuki said...

muskratbyte and Yangsze: Thank you both for your kind words, but I really can't be into mushroom hunting. I have lots of other things to do on weekends, and mushroom hunting takes almost a whole day!

cma said...

Did he pick the amanita muscaria...?! Did you eat them? I know that they aren't poisonous when parboiled, but I still wouldn't be able to trust my son if he came home with hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Hiroyuki said...

cma: He did pick them up, observed them, and discarded them, natually! We know they are highly poisonous, yet my son likes them for their distinctive color and shape. Just call him a mushroom geek (laugh)!