September 2, 2013

Which One to Recommend, Kono, Hario, or Matsuya/コーノ、ハリオ、松屋式のうちどれを奨めるか

In Shukan Flavor No. 80/週間フレーバーNo. 80, Nakagawa-san talks about Kono and Hario equipment, in response to questions/comments.

At around 59:30, he shows two Kono drippers. He says that they easily get cracked.
See the video at around 59:50. He says this is the problem with the plastic.
In contrast, Hario drippers won't get cracked after longtime use. See the video at around 1:00:20.
At 1:00:40, he says that Kono's idea that the extraction is done with the middle-to-bottom ribs is basically correct.
At 1:01:18, he says that Hario's dripper, which has top-to-bottom ribs so that it pulls water right from the top, is not quite right.
At 1:01:37, he says he recommends the Matsuya method, but if someone asked me which of Kono and Hario he recommends, he would recommend Kono. But Hario is less expensive, so he might recommend Hario.
In response to a comment, he shows a Hario paperless dripper at 1:02:23. He says he doesn't recommend it. He once got one to experiment it, and found it was no good. He hasn't used it since then.
Shukan Flavor No. 80/週間フレーバーNo. 80では、質問・コメントに応えて、コーノとハリオの器具について語ります。



Dan said...

Thanks Hiroyuki ...for shedding some light on various drippers in the market ...Very useful stuff indeed !

Hiroyuki said...

Dan: No matter what he may say, Nakagawa-san always thinks that the Matsuya dripper is the best.

In terms of durability, the Matsuya dripper is perfect because it's made of stainless steel and will last forever. In contrast, you have to keep on buying Kono drippers one after another!

Tom haggerty said...

Nice articles on coffee and these days there are so much coffee gadgets in the market ..I checked out Nakagawa-san videos and they are very informative ...Anyways besides hario and kono drippers there is one other called coffee vanette from Uniflame ...How does it compare to a matsuya dripper . Has Nakagawa-san ever discussed this as it looks very similar to a matsuya dripper ? I was just wondering if the concentric circles contribute anything to taste as Matsuya has only 2 circles ...the one at top and bottom . I was just curious to know if this geometry was indeed superior to that of Matsuya in aiding a better extraction ? . Appreciate your time !

Hiroyuki said...

Tom: Master Nakagawa knows of the vanette dripper, but he has never talked about it in detail.

I personally think (and I think Nakagawa-san will agree) that the Matsuya's wire-frame dripper with two circles and four straight wires is superior because it allows the coffee grounds to expand fully and it's more like a "nel" (flannel) dripper, which is essentially a cone-shaped cotton bag and allows the coffee grounds fully with little resistance.

Tom haggerty said...

Thanks for the clarification Sir ! ..Much appreciated ! . I have been a fan of flannel drippers for a long time and I like the rich taste of it ...

Tom haggerty said...


I do learn more from your site everyday on Japanese coffee stuff . Did not really know that there was so much to comprehend ... Good work !
I have a quick question. I am planning to get a hario drip brewer v60 for my brother as a gift for his birthday, as its in his wish list and he loves his coffee ..I see there are 3 versions available, plastic and ceramic and even in the States lot of people go for ceramic for the classy version though its expensive ..But I hear that the best ones were plastic( more pronounced spiral ridges than ceramic) ...and are cheap...But I am planning to go for the most expensive one in glass as it has the most heat retension of all and pronounced ridges as in plastic best of both world's I guess...After all hario is a glass company correct ? ..Whats your take ? ..I read in one of your articles Nakagawa-san tested a glass version of hario ...but I am not sure.

Hiroyuki said...

Tom: First of all, I'm not qualified to answer your question, because I don't have any V60 drippers. I'm a minimalist. All I need to brew coffee is a wire-frame dripper, a cone-shaped paper filter, and a swan-necked drip pot.

Nakagawa-san does have both plastic and glass V60 drippers, and I'm not sure if he has a ceramic one. I think Nakagawa-san would say he preferred a plastic one because of its pronounced ridges. (Ceramic drippers tend to cause clogging because of their less pronounced ridges, as he confirms with an experient on a ceramic Melitta dripper.)

Having checked some reviews on V60 drippers, I think I would get a plastic one for myself, but I think a glass one should be a wonderful present to give to someone.

Be sure to seek advice from coffee geeks!

And, yes, Hario is a well-established glass manufacturer in Japan.

Tom haggerty said...

Thanks for the feedback Hiroyuki ...I guess I shall get the plastic one as you and nakagawa both recommend ...Glass is not only pricy but it can break also ...My brother flys a lot and I guess plastic will be travel friendly also and can be replaced if broken as its little cheaper ...Thx again !