March 18, 2014

Tebamoto Karaage/手羽元の唐揚げ

Yesterday, I bought a bag of 1-kg "tebamoto" for 360 yen.
昨日は、手羽元1 kg 買いました。360円でした。
Today, I spent tens of minutes trying to find a good way to cook them, but after all, I decided to simply deep-fry them as karaage in my usual way.

Thus, I first marinated them in a mixture of:
75 ml mirin,
75 ml soy sauce,
grated ginger, and
dried garlic.
みりん 75 ml
醤油 75 ml
Then, I put equal amounts of flour and katakuriko (potato starch) in an I-Wrap bag, and added one half (eight) of them. I added some flour and katakuriko in the I-Wrap bag, and did the same with the other half. 
I tried double deep-frying this time: Deep-frying at a low temperature of 150-160C for 5-7 min. first, remove from the fryer, wait for a few minutes, and then deep-fry at a high temperature of 180-190C for 3 min.
For the first half, I set the temperature control at 160C, which was a mistake. After 5 min. the first batch looked like this.
I then deep-fried the other half, over low heat, without relying on the temperature control, for 7 min.
They were deep-fried fine.
Then, I deep-fried the first half at a high temperature of 180C for 3 min. Then, I transferred them to a tray, and heated in the toaster oven for 5 min., covered with aluminum foil.

I deep-fried the other half at a high temperature of 180C for 5 min. They ended up being as dark as the first half.
I was relieved to hear my daughter say, "They are delicious!"

You may wonder what "tebamoto" is. Here is a photo.
In Japan, the chicken wing is separated into three parts (left to right): tebasaki, tebanaka, and tebamoto.
日本では、chicken wingは(左から右に)、手羽先、手羽中、手羽元という3つの部分に分けられます。
The photo is copied from this blog.

I promised to my daughter that I would make chicken karaage more delicious than Kentucky Fried Chicken the next time.


Katrin said...

Hmmmm... this makes me wonder just how tall the average Japanese chicken may be.
For me, it wouldn't make sense to cut the chicken wings I have seen here into three parts, as the resulting parts would be just too small.

Hiroyuki said...

Katrin: These three parts have their own specific uses, I supposes. For example, tebasaki fries are a very popular menu item at izakaya in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture.
Do a Google image search for 山ちゃん 風来坊 手羽先, and you will know what I mean.
山ちゃん = Yamachan, a famous izakaya chain in Nagoya
風来坊 = Fuuraibou, another famous inzakaya chain in Nagoya
手羽先 = tebasaki