March 5, 2014

Volume 12 of Shinya Shokudo/深夜食堂の第十二巻

Volume 12 of Shinya Shokudo was published on March 5, 2014.
List of episodes of Volume 12 of the manga book, Shinya Shokudo
156 Tomato and egg stirfry
157 Grilled meat set meal
158 Garlic grilled in foil
159 Nyuumen with chicken balls in it
Nyuumen means somen put or simmered in hot noodle soup.
160 Spring rolls
161 Menchi katsu
162 Broccoli
163 Vegetable kakiage
164 Hamburgers with carrot in them
165 Avocado
166 Char siu, mianma, and seasoned eggs
167 Herring pickled with sansho (Japanese pepper)
168 Tororo gohan (cooked rice with grated yam)
169 Celery
Aside Potato salad rolled in ham
156 トマトと卵の炒めもの
157 焼肉定食
158 ニンニクのホイル焼き
159 鳥団子入りにゅうめん
160 春巻き
161 メンチカツ
162 ブロッコリー
163 野菜のかき揚げ
164 にんじん入りハンバーグ
165 アボカド
166 チャーシュー・メンマ・味付け玉子
167 ニシンの山椒漬け
168 とろろごはん
169 セロリ
箸休め ポテサラハム巻き
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T Square said...

I watched this tv show!

Hiroyuki said...

T Square: I like the TV version, too!

Unknown said...

Hiroyuki-san good to hear you will be continuing to blog! Due to your recommendation I have started to watch Shinya Shokudo and really like it. Are there any more TV shows you could recommend? Domo Arigato Gozaimashta. Phil

Fräulein Trude said...

I wish there would be more drama seasons. The latest manga I read was the 23rd Night: kaki furai.

Hiroyuki said...

Phil: OK, If I find any that I can recommend, I will post about them here or my new blog.

Kiki: I do, too! I also wish that the comic book were available in English version!

okasan said...

Shinya Shokudo fans will be happy to know that the manga does come in English Version, at least the first season, please see the following link:


Hiroyuki said...

okasan: Thanks for letting us know! I'm sure there are just a lot of people waiting for an English version!