June 14, 2014

Raw Enoki and Dried Enoki/生のえのきと干しえのき

Yesterday, I received a wonderful present from an acquaintance who runs an enoki factory: 
Two bags of dried enoki

Each bag contained about 100 g of dried enoki. I know that to make 100 g of dried enoki, you will need nearly ten times the amount of raw enoki.
And, raw enoki
それぞれ干しえのきが100 g程入っていました。100 gの干しえのきを作るには、10倍近い量の生のえのきが必要です。
More than 1 kg!
1 kg以上です!

So, as part of supper tonight, I made both enoki takikomi gohan and clear soup with lots and lots of enoki and other ingredients.

Note: Up until four or five years ago, dried enoki was almost unheard-of, but now, almost every supermarket carries it.
注: 4、5年前までは、干しえのきは殆ど知られていませんでしたが、今では、ほとんどのスーパーで売っています。

Now I have to think of good ways to use dried enoki!

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