August 23, 2014

My Nukadoko on August 22/私の糠床、8月22日

On August 13, the first day of O-bon, I put my nukadoko in the vegetable compartment of the fridge, hoping to restart nukazuke making after returning from my father's house. Sadly, however, my wife reported that we could no longer get cucumbers from her father. So, on August 22, I took my nukadoko out of the fridge to put it back into the freezer again.

My nukadoko was in the vegetable compartment (at around 10C) for nine days, yet I didn't notice any signs of spoilage. No film yeast on the surface, and I could smell that familiar smell.
I stirred it with a pair of cooking chopsticks for aeration.
I have found that a pair of chopsticks is the ideal tool for this purpose. I have also found that I need not turn the nukadoko upside down. All I need is to aerate the nukadoko.

Then, I patted the nukadoko to release the air and flatten the nukadoko.
I first put the Tupperware container in an I-Wrap bag and then in a plastic bag.
Then, I put it in the freezer.

I hope I can take it back from the freezer for another nukazuke session soon.

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