November 10, 2014

Akahatsu (Lactarius akahatsu)/アカハツ

Just wanted to share some photos of the two akahatsu (Lactarius akahatsu) that I found on the ground near one pine tree.
Photo taken after I picked the akahatsu.

Two akahatsu:
Unfortunately, the left one was too old to eat.
As its name suggests, akahatsu (aka = red) is characterized by its orange underside. It's quite similar to hatsutake (Lasctarius hatsudake), except the color. In fact, I thought they were hatsutake, but my son told me they were akahatsu because the underside was orange.

As requested by my son, I wrapped the one akahatsu in aluminum foil and heated in the toaster oven for 5 minutes to make "foil yaki". I let my son have it all by himself. The akahatsu retained its orange color even after heated.

I found the akahatsu while I was walking around on the premises of a senior high school. (I had to drive my daughter there and back home.) The thing is that you do not necessarily have to go to a mountain to get certain species of mushrooms.


Jolly Jumper said...

Hello Hiroyuki
Yoku mitsuketa akahatsu !

my blog here

Hiroyuki said...

Daniel: Thanks for your comment and the link. I visited your fabulous blog! Keep up the good work!