November 21, 2014

Pickled Radish/二十日大根の漬物

Sunny and warm days like this are very precious around this time of year in my snowy area. High mountains are already capped with snow. The snow-capped mountain at the center in the photo below is Mt. Hakkaisan. Hakkaisan (lit. Eight-Sea Mountain) is also the name of a famous sake brand of the sake brewery located near the mountain.
Mt. Kinjo (center left) and Mt. Makihata (center right) are also capped with snow.
My rented field:
I got the second and last crop of radishes from the field.

I pickled the second crop just like I did with the first. The container on the left contains the liquid (100 ml vinegar + 100 ml mirin-style seasoning + 1 tsp salt) used to pickle the first harvest. (I usually reuse the liquid three times.)
最初の収穫と同じように、二度目の収穫も漬物にしました。左側の容器には、最初の収穫を漬けた液(お酢100 ml + みりん風調味料100 ml + 塩小さじ1)が入っています(私は液は通常、3回再利用します)。
I added the radishes to the container, and added some additional vinegar, 1 tbsp sugar (instead of mirin), and some salt.
Should be pickled in half a day or overnight.


Yangsze said...

Wow, they look beautiful and delicious! :)

Hiroyuki said...

Yangsze: But, they lose most of their brilliant color when pickled (sad)...

Cate said...

Beautiful country!

Hiroyuki said...

Cate: Thank you!