April 19, 2015

Dried Enoki Tempura, etc./干しえのきの天ぷらなど

I have already talked about dried enoki tempura, so I will just post some photos, together with brief comments.

Soba (buckwheat noodles) and four types of tempura (kabocha, fukinoto, fish meat sausage, and onion-carrot-dried enoki kakiage)
Dried enoki given to us by a neighbor
Fukinoto tempura


Katrin said...

Hi Hiroyuki,

sorry for the off-topic question...
Are oyster mushrooms good for frying (in a pan, with a little oil)?

Hiroyuki said...

Katrin: Long time, no see! How have you been?

Of course, they are.

I would fry them with some butter and soy sauce, through. The butter and soy sauce combination is so irresistible! Or, maybe with some oil and salt.

Katrin said...

Hiroyuki: thanks for asking, I've been fine :)

The reason I've asked is that I have tried a recipe featuring cold soba noodles; shiitake fried with onions, garlic, then finished with a little soy sauce and a little mirin; sliced cucumber and avocado; vinegar and lime juice; a little hot sauce.

I've been trying variations of that recipe and got the idea of replacing the shiitake with oyster mushrooms.

Now I only need to get around to posting about that.