April 13, 2015

Hybrid Coffee Roasting, Part 2/ハイブリッドコーヒー焙煎、パート2

After the first attempt, I thought that for the second attempt, I would heat the coffee beans in the shallow pot first for 2-3 minutes while at the same time preheating the toaster oven.

The next day, I was amused to see this ad in the newspaper.
It says, among others, 
"AGF's roasting has changed.
2. Raise the temperature (of the coffee beans) abruptly first, and then, roast them more slowly than we did while keeping the temperature rise low, thereby producing "kongari-shita kaori" (aromas resulting from browning?) and "fukkura-shita koku" (full body?)."
(AGF stands for Ajimonoto General Foods, Inc.)
I was convinced that my approach was in the right direction.
2. まず初めに温度を一気に引き上げ、そのあと、温度の上昇を抑えながら今までよりゆっくり焙煎することで、こんがりした香りとふっくらしたコクを生み出します。」
So, I put 500 g of green beans in the shallow pot, and
というわけで、浅型鍋に生豆(なままめ、きまめ)を500 g入れ、
covered the pot almost entirely with aluminum foil.
I turned on the toaster oven to preheat it, and started roasting. Eventually, I roasted in the pot for 3 minutes, and then transferred the beans to the sieve in the toaster oven.

Photo taken 9 minutes after the start of roasting:
First crack occurred at around 9:30. I think I should say that only a single coffee bean cracked. At 10:00 after the start of roasting, I transferred the beans to the shallow pot. They were not fully dried yet.
After I took this photo, I covered the pot with aluminum foil, and roasted over heat heat. First crack started at 14:00 sharp. I finished the roasting at 17:00.
15.4% weight loss.

CONCLUSION: It's obvious that this particular toaster oven fails to dry coffee beans properly within 10 minutes even if I accelerate the drying by heating the beans for 3 minutes over high heat in advance.

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