May 29, 2015

Another Fuji Royal R-440/もう一つのフジローヤルR-440

This week, I got another R-440 (right) at action. The R-440 is available in two types, the regular type and the type capable of making an espresso grind. They cost around 70,000 and 100,000 yen, respectively. I got my secondhand ones for 10,000 and 18,500 yen, respectively.

It's a newer model as I can tell from its dial.

I ground some coffee beans to the finest level.
I'm not going to get an espresso machine anytime soon. I'm going to use this grind to make cold-brew coffee.


Tea Apprentice said...

Have you ever tried Turkish coffee? The fine grind might be good for that too.

Hiroyuki said...

Tea Apprentice: No, I haven't. I've got to try that, too, some day!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Trying to figure out if I should purchase the Fuji Royal(non- espresso version) or not. Although I have seen grind settings of 1 to 10, is it possible to have settings in between? like 1.4 or 2.6? I would like to have as much control of my grind as possible and I cannot seem to find any information on the net regarding this?

Hiroyuki said...

I've never thought about "settings in between", and I don't think you can have such settings reliably. I think you should buy another one like the Vario. The beauty of the Fuji Royal coffee grinder is that it's robust, that it can last for decades, and that you can get replacement parts quickly from the manufacturer if you need to.

Crackpot said...

Thanks alot!
Really helpful.
I hear Fuji Royal has been a staple for most traditional 'kisaten' in Japan especially due to its durability and consistency.

In my quest to develop the perfect cup more consistently with different batches and coffees, I have found that I need to have more control of my grind. My burr hand grinder is good but its difficult to get back to the old setting once changed/altered. Seems like the Vario is one option I could check out. With the huge effect grind size has on coffee taste, its surprising the lack of literature regarding this on the net.

Ryan Madrid said...

I've been hunting around for dealers of the R-440. Either I order direct from Amazon Japan or this one dealer in Singapore. I hope you can try it out for espresso some time!

Hiroyuki said...

Ryan Madrid: I have tried it out for espresso already.

Although the espresso machine is slightly faulty, I can get passable espresso with it.