September 20, 2016

Tamago Take, etc./タマゴタケなど

On September 16, my son returned home. We went on a mushroom hunt yesterday, although rain was expected all day.

Luckily, we were able to find lots of tamago take (Amanita hemibapha).
Tamago = Egg
Take = Suffix meaning mushroom
Some were too old to eat,

while some were too young.

Young one cut in half

I thought this was a young tamago take, but

my son warned me that it was a fly agaric (or amanita) (Amanita muscaria). We found an adult fly agaric nearby. This mushroom is POISONOUS.

This particular one was orangish rather than red.

Tamago take is one of the few in the amanita family that are edible.

The following photos are for my son. Some of them were taken by him.
Photos only, with no explanations








Yubun said...

Yum! Looks delicious

ErinBear said...

I am glad your son is home for a visit. I hope the mushrooms were delicious! They are really beautiful.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Take care,
Erin from California

Hiroyuki said...

Yubun and ErinBear: Thanks for your comments.

My son came home on September 16 and returned to his apartment in Tokyo on 20th, one day after the mushroom hunt. He wanted to spend more time identifying the mushrooms he couldn't identify on the spot, but he was unable to. I took lots of photos of the mushrooms he had left, so he can study them the next time he returns.

Well, tamago take are supposed to be very tasty. I made mushroom soup using the tamago take and other mushrooms, as requested by my son, and I found the tamago take were not particularly tasty. The sad thing about them is that they lost all their vivid color while being simmered, turning brown.

Twilight Man said...

Wow! I am so impressed with the variety of mushrooms. They looked beautiful and exotic.

Hiroyuki said...

Twilight Man: Exotic? Well, every creature may look exotic, and mushrooms are no exceptions.

9895039531 seeandoh said...

Beautiful never seen before Mushrooms..!! Hope you had a very tasty soup out of that. Thanks for sharing the photos of different Mushrooms in your locality.

Hiroyuki said...

seeandoh: Tamago take is said to be very tasty, but as I mentioned above, I myself didn't find it particularly tasty.

Sissi said...

You must be happy to see your son for some time!
How I envy you going mushroom picking! If only I knew someone who likes it here.... (alone it's not fun and I'd be afraid of getting lost). I made dozens ok km as a child and teenager picking mushrooms.... obviously most of them don't look anything like Japanese ones, but when I saw your red mushroom I thought "attention! fly agaric" and I was right !).
It's not deathly but still dangerous!
You are luckily safe with your son when picking mushrooms!

Hiroyuki said...

Sissi: I wish I could find some Western varieties, such as chanterelle and porcini, but no luck!