September 14, 2016

Follow-up on My Low-Salt Umeboshi/低塩梅干しの続き

This is the last bag of my low-salt umeboshi, which I had kept in the freezer. I thawed them in the fridge, added 10% sugar, instead of 20%, and put them back in the fridge. They now look like this.
I have found that 20% sugar is just too much, making the umeboshi wrinkled up, so I have decided to add only 10%. The resultant umeboshi are plumper and less sweet, and therefore, much more suitable as an accompaniment to hot plain rice.

I hope I can present an improved version of my low-salt umeboshi in the next ume season.


Anonymous said...


My name is Dean, and I found your blog looking online for Shigeyoshi Iwasaki, as I cook a lot and am very interested in kitchen knives, sharpening stones, and the blacksmiths. Of course I love food.

Thank you for your blog, I am reading through it now.

Los Angeles, California.

Hiroyuki said...

Dean: Thank you for your comment, although there is little mention of Shigeyoshi Iwasaki, the rasor maker in my blog.