May 11, 2017

Germ Rolled Barley/胚芽押麦

Recently, mugi meshi (rice cooked with barley) has become a staple at my parents' house. I usually mix 1.5 go of rice with 0.5 go of rolled barley, which translates into the barley percentage of 0.5/(1.5 + 0.5) x 100 = 25%, which is quite similar to that of the mugi meshi served at jails in Japan (rice to barley ratio of 7:3, i.e., barley percentage of 30%).
最近、実家では、麦飯が主食になりました。普段は、お米1.5合と押麦0.5合を混ぜています。麦のパーセントは0.5/(1.5 + 0.5) x 100 = 25%になります。これは、日本の刑務所で出されている麦飯の割合(お米と麦の割合は7対3、つまり、麦のパーセントは30%)と似ています。
For lunch today, I made nigiri zushi (< sushi) using leftover mugi meshi.

Well, not exactly nigiri zushi. I simply made balls of rice, and
placed a slice of salmon attached with some wasabi on top of each ball.

My parents and I love mugi meshi so much that I purchased a bag of 20-kg germ rolled barley online for 5,000 yen. Very low rice by Japanese standards.
両親も私も麦飯が好きなので、胚芽押麦20 kgをオンラインで5,000円で買いました。日本の基準ではとても安価です。

I decided to store it in the kome bitsu (rice bin), which has been out of use for a long time.
I think that such kome bitsu have died out in most Japanese houses. One reason is that we now tend to buy 10, 5, or even 2 kg-bag of rice rather than 30-kg bags.

I put about half the germ rolled barley in the rice bin. I kept the rest in the bag and sealed the bag with tape to keep off insects.

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