May 5, 2017

Hiyashi Chuka.../冷やし中華...

Today, It was quite hot here in Chiba, so I decided to make hiyashi chuka instead of hot ramen for supper.
400 g churikiko (similar to all-purpose flour in the U.S.).
I wanted to use kyorikiko (bread flour) but I didn't have any in the kitchen.
4 g salt, which I forgot to add.
4 g baking soda
144 g water (cold water + baking powder solution)
中力粉 400 g(米国ではall-purpose flour)
塩 4 g(入れるのを忘れました)
重曹 4 g
水 144 g(冷水と重曹液を合わせて)
1. Put flour in the noodle maker. Set the kneading time to 8 minutes.
1. ヌードルメーカーに小麦粉を入れます。こね時間を8分に設定します。
2. In a container, put baking soda, add some water, and microwave for several minutes to decompose baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) into sodium carbonate, water, and carbon dioxide. Add water to obtain 144 ml solution.
2. 容器に重曹を入れ、水を少し入れ、電子レンジで数分加熱し、重曹(炭酸水素ナトリウム)を炭酸ナトリウム、水、二酸化炭素に分解します。水を足し、144 mlの溶液にします。
3. Add the solution to the maker little by little.
3. 液をヌードルメーカーに少しずつ入れます。

I made a silly mistake! I forgot to replace the 1.5mm*13mm shaping disc with the 1.6mm square or 2mm round one.
I got this amount of dough left in the maker.
4. Boil the noodles.
4. 麺を茹でます。
I boiled the noodles for a total of 6 + 2 = 8 minutes.
麺を合計6 + 2 = 8分茹でました。

5. Rinse in cold water two or three times.
5. 冷水で二回洗います。
For toppings, I used two cucumbers, some ham, three eggs, and a tomato.

For the sauce, I combined:
100 ml vinegar
80 ml soy sauce
1.5 tbsp sugar
1 tsp instant dashi
1 tbsp sesame oil
お酢 100 ml
しょう油 80 ml
砂糖 大さじ1.5
出汁の素 小さじ1
ごま油 大さじ1
I also used Japanese mustard.
Despite the stupid mistake, the hiyashi chuka was delicious enough.

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