July 3, 2017

The Best Ume Syrup Recipe So Far/今までで一番いい梅シロップのレシピ

I have made ume syrup and ume jam for six years in a row. This year, I have come up with a recipe that I think is the best.

1 kg ume
0.5 kg sugar (half the weight of ume)

Microwave oven
Tupperware container with a capacity of 2.2 liters or so. Preferably one with a wide base area.


1. Rinse ume with water, remove the heta (stem end) from each ume, rinse again, and drain in a sieve.
2. Transfer ume to a Tupperware container, wrap with plastic wrap, microwave for 2 minutes (for a 600-W microwave oven), check the doneness, microwave for, say, 1.5 minutes, depending on the doneness.
3. Add sugar, mix gently so as not to damage the ume.
4. Put on the lid. Leave it at room temperature for about 2 days until the sugar is fully dissolved.
5. Separate the syrup from the ume.
The ume still has some juice in it. Eat them as snacks, make them into jam by adding additional sugar, and find other good uses. You can also decide to add additional (200-500 g) sugar to get some more syrup from the ume.

梅 1 kg
砂糖 0.5 kg(梅の重さの半分)


1. 梅を水洗いし、ヘタを取り、再度水洗いし、ザルで水を切る。
2. 梅をタッパー容器に移し、ラップをし、電子レンジで2分加熱する(600Wの電子レンジの場合)。火の通り具合を調べて、具合に応じてさらに、1.5分程度加熱する。
3. 砂糖を入れ、梅を壊さぬよう丁寧に混ぜる。
4. ふたをして、常温で2日程度、砂糖が完全に溶けるまで置いておく。
5. シロップと梅を分ける。
梅にはまだ果汁が残っています。そのまま食べるか、砂糖をさらに足して梅ジャムにするか、他の用途を見つけて下さい。また、砂糖をさらに(200~500 g)足して、梅シロップをもう少し抽出することもできます。

Each container contains 1 kg of frozen ume.
各容器には冷凍梅が1 kg入っています。
I froze the ume simply because I had to delay the ume sryup making. I left the ume overnight to thaw.

Ume mixed with sugar.
2.2-liter Tupperware containers.
I selected ones with a wide base area.

Two days later:
Very clear syrup, with no signs of fermentation. Perfect!

Left: Clear syrup free from fermentation (mixture of syrup made from microwaved ume and syrup made from frozen ume)
Right: Syrup (made from unprocessed ume, spending ten days)


Amy said...

I can imagine how good the ume syrup tastes in drinks, especially with shochu! Do you think freezing the ume before microwaving it changes how the syrup turns out?

Hiroyuki said...


Yes, it does taste great! I would recommend making ume syrup rather than ume shu (ume liqueur) because the former is versatile! Both children and adults can enjoy the flavor of ume by diluting the syrup with water (or carbonated water) and shochu (or any other spirit).

I'm not quite sure but I don't think freezing the ume first has any noticeable impact on the flavor of the ume syrup.

Anonymous said...

Freezing - that's a brilliant idea. I can't harvest all my ume at once, and in fact I can't even reach most of them this year, so freezing a few at a time would be very useful. - Helen

Hiroyuki said...

Helen: Yes, definitely! That's one of the reasons why you may want to freeze your ume.
Microwaving is another brilliant idea, because microwaving prevents the ume from fermentation, while freezing doesn't. Heating in a rice cooker for 8 hours or longer is not such a brilliant idea, in my opinion.